Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Cookie Gun.

When I moved into my house, lots of people unloaded their unwanted goods on me. Lots of "oh, honey, believe me you will need this." And I most certainly never did. But there seems to be some sort of bond between those who can pass down and those who now have the space. Most of these things I politely accepted and put towards the back of my cabinet. I mean, who doesn't need fourteen colanders? When my aunt passed along this pretty pink box, she said she just thought it would look good sitting on my cabinets. I never even opened the box. She was right! It did look pretty on my cabinet.

However, the other day (and after three years of living here!) I got curious about that pretty pink box and climbed up to pull it down off the shelf. Only to dust if off, open it up and find a perfectly functioning cookies press and decorator! All the pieces still in their proper places. The thing is absolutely spotless!

Tomorrow is my day off and I plan on squeezing out some spritz cookies in the spirit of the holidays. But I couldn't help but share the wonderful design on the box. The perfect L.S. Ayers price tag. And my wonderful find on top of my own cabinet.

It is a true christmas miracle.


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