Sunday, June 12, 2011

Today I: went to the greenhouse.

After the Indieana Handicraft Exchange yesterday, I looked at my calendar and realized we are in the second week of June. Crafting has seriously gotten in the way of my outdoor adventures that happen once our frozen tundra thaws and begins to sprout new life.

I also realized that as of this glorious Sunday, I don't have anything planned for the rest of June. What's that you say? YES! My calendar is a variable smorgasbord of nothing. I have taken this as a sign to get all my spring stuff done even though it is almost officially summer. Like decorate my front porch and spruce up my bike. And my favorite of all favorite hot day activities, get my garden officially planted.

When I bought my house four years ago, I did so for three reasons: 1. it was cute! 2. it was cheap and 3. it had an ENORMOUS backyard. And this backyard quickly  became an enormous vegetable garden. Some years have been successful, others not so much. (or at all, shame on me.)

So, today I got myself dressed, put on my gardening shoes and drove to the sweetest green house that I know of, Country Acres. It's located up the road from me off Hwy. 231. And every spring, right before mother's day, Kate has the place PACKED with flowers for what seems miles. The colors make the corners of your mouth turn up and there's such hot energy floating around every little bloom that it makes you feel invincible. Or, at least, just like Martha Stewart.

Even though spring has mostly passed, she still had flowers and (even more important) vegetables left. I bought some ornamental grass and flowers for my pots on the porch. And luscious rosemary. (oh, rosemary how you delight me.) On the vegetable end I bought; warm weather cabbage, tomatoes (yellow, pink, cherry and red), broccoli, and peppers. On the seed side, I came home with turnips, beets, corn, bush beans, parsnips and pumpkins.

This is the week of hard work. I'll let you know how it goes.


Oh! And isn't this impressive? Mum starts! Surely a sign I'm WAY behind. sigh.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Whilst I was standing in my perfect little spot in Philadelphia at the Art Star Craft Bazaar, a lady asked me, "do you have an alligator?"

And then I thought to myself, "Laura! Why DON'T you have an alligator???" So, I made one.

May I present to you, Mr. Alligator himself.

Of course, he had to be colorful. He had to have scary (but sweet) chomping teeth. And he just HAD to have movable legs.

So, so in love.


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