Sunday, December 26, 2010


Inside a sweet package I received in the mail, were three beautiful field notes books. The sender, just as sweet as the package, knows my love of the field notes because it was he who facilitated my addiction in the first place. Because I always carry one in my bag, I thought it only appropriate to put down my goals for the year 2011 in my brand spankin' new one.
  • create a pattern line
  • turn in a book proposal
  • make 50 walri
  • bulk up etsy to 100 listings
  • attend/vendor 8 craft shows
  • blog at least 1/wk, 4x if possible
  • remodel bathroom
  • paint kitchen floor
  • purchase new couch
  • have a gorgeous roommate i get to kiss a lo
  • see the ocean
  • learn swedish
  • ride my bike
  • learn to make croissants
  • be a better friend
  • write more letters/postcards
  • start zine

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I finally got my christmas tree put up. I somehow lost my holiday cheer, had to send some elves for it, they found it, shipped it usps, and of course, it took forever to get here! However, when I pulled it out of the box, my faith in the holiday season was restored, and here is my lovely, handmade christmas tree. 

I started with a box of mismatched ribbon tied their ends together, and wrapped it around and around. Of course, I saved the pretty yellow satin bow for the top. 

I made pretty house ornaments out of scrap fabric and buttons. 

that mimicked the stuffed houses I've been making all year. 

then I added pretty ginger girls and boys. with funky bows attached. 

 Oh! And snowflakes!

And here it is! The glow at night can wipe any holiday blues away. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Amy Butler's In StitchesBike BasketCardboard Cat Scratcher.

Dandelion Dog Collar for the Pup. Eggplant Cowl. Lots and Lots of Felt from BenzieBazaar.

Garden Arbor. Holiday Parade Dress. Illustrated 2010 Calendar. Jean Jacket

Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer. Lilac PomPom Poppy Seeds. My Wire Empire Print. Nebraska Land.

One Yard Wonders. Persuasion. Time to finish my Quilt.  [fake] Rodinal.

SofaTrampoline of the exercise variety. Umbrella. Versace perfum

Wooden French Rolling Pin.  Xhilaration Leather Boots. Yashica 635. Zebra Print Tights.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


listening: to the hum of a furnace fan.

eating: too much toast.

drinking:  mulled cider. 

wearing:  double layers of leggings.

feeling: crunched for time.

outside: cooooooooooooooold and white.

wanting: lots more mornings like today.

needing:  dinner.

thinking: about decorating my tree.

enjoying: hand stitching and christmas present making.

wondering: how good I'd look in a sequined cocktail dress.


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