Sunday, December 26, 2010


Inside a sweet package I received in the mail, were three beautiful field notes books. The sender, just as sweet as the package, knows my love of the field notes because it was he who facilitated my addiction in the first place. Because I always carry one in my bag, I thought it only appropriate to put down my goals for the year 2011 in my brand spankin' new one.
  • create a pattern line
  • turn in a book proposal
  • make 50 walri
  • bulk up etsy to 100 listings
  • attend/vendor 8 craft shows
  • blog at least 1/wk, 4x if possible
  • remodel bathroom
  • paint kitchen floor
  • purchase new couch
  • have a gorgeous roommate i get to kiss a lo
  • see the ocean
  • learn swedish
  • ride my bike
  • learn to make croissants
  • be a better friend
  • write more letters/postcards
  • start zine

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