Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Need to Organize

In three weeks I have another show coming up. It is small and hometown and I'm not entirely worried about getting a massive amount of things done for it. Though, I'm quite certain when the day comes, I'll have a whole list compiled in my head of things that I wish I would have brought with me. There will be a lady there who would have been the perfect purchaser of a sketch in my book. But it will still be a sketch in my book. Sigh, why do I procrastinate?

Lately, I've felt this huge need to organize. Everything needs a place. It is like I am nesting. Maybe it is the beginning of the cold and the approaching days of grey and snow, or just a feeling that I'm finally ready to begin with fervor. Every room in my house has been rearranged, properly put together. I still need curtains in the living room and back porch, but with a deadline quickly approaching, they are going to have to wait. I am feeling frustrated. I'll post pictures of my newly organized house soon. But, until then, have a look at my fantasy life:

Laura Normandin of Wren Handmade


Hitomi Kimura at Kalla Designs

Sarah Neuburger at The Small Object

Heather Ross

I just need to get to work.

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