Wednesday, January 6, 2010

TUTORIAL: Wooden Disc Pendants

This past fall, a friend of mine got married. For her reception place cards, I lovingly stood at my band saw and cut tiny discs of fallen branches to make holders for the cards. It was a lot of fun to use such a handy resource in such a way. However, it left me with a surplus of half dollar sized wooden discs. I decided to use some of them to make fun decoupaged pendants.

I first started with sanding the wood a bit to smooth any splinter of wood there may have been. I picked out my paper and cut a circle to go in the middle. Then using a little mod podge, I glued all the pieces to my design on. I made a sun using a newspaper my sister brought me from Japan and some other color bits of paper I had laying in my supply closet. (you can use any design you can come up with and cut out of paper.) I gave the pendant a finishing coat of glossy mod podge to seal everything in and left it to dry.

I like to give my decoupage goo a good drying time so that I can make sure it is good and hardened. I then used a small drill bit to make a hole for my jump ring and then attached it to a length of silver chain. And voila! A pretty wooden pendant to wear around my neck.

I made three other pendants while I was at it. One using a cut out leaf from a scrap piece of colorful paper and the other using a button sticker from Martha Stewart Crafts. I like how the wood grain matched the wood pendant. I even wrapped its center with some yellow thread.

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  1. i'm so lucky to have you and your willingness to craft anything imaginable. I'm happy your leftovers made YOU happy, and that something super cute came out of it! You really made our wedding special.
    You make me happy by purely existing.
    thank you.



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