Thursday, November 11, 2010

A peek into my creative space. Part 1.

I have this small obsession with seeing other creator's workspaces. So, I thought I'd start a short series on what mine looks like. The first is the table by the couch. I do most of my finishing late night under a bright overhead light while watching whatever syrupy sweet romance that makes it into my dvd player. I keep most everything in big heavy bowls that I pick up at thrift stores and yard sales.

1. This bowl holds thread, rickrack, my hot glue gun, ribbons, findings, pin backs and the like. Pretty much everything you'd ever need to embellish or finish.
2. The best typewriter, ever. Did you know that if you heat set printer ink, it will stay permanently? I use this for labels and embellishing. Five dollars at a yard sale, even better!
3. Bowl of vintage buttons for embellishing. Sometimes, I like the cards that hold them more than the buttons. I'm a design geek, what can I say?
4. A pin cushion made by the lady who taught me paper piecing. I think I will love her forever.
5. Bowl of embroidery thread.
6. Big hole punch and the DVD remote. both vitally important.
7. This is a tic tac toe board my great grampa made. you twist the bottom and it opens to two long holes that hold the marbles that you play with. It's such a neat little design and it makes me insanely happy.
8. Jar of in the shell peanuts for a healthy snack. plus breaking the shells calms the nerves.
9. Scissors. I have a million pairs of scissors.
10. Lockable picnic basket to keep finished product away from the cats.
11. Fabric idea board for laying out patchwork. ONE DOLLAR AT A YARD SALE!
12. Dissected pillows. I buy pillows because they are cheaper than a bag of polyfill! I have found the quality is just about the same as well. smart, huh?
13. I love this little round table. I found it at a thrift store for five bucks. It is the perfect height for work at the couch. and it is pretty. What else could you ask for?

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