Saturday, March 19, 2011

Art Star Craft Bazaar!

As a crafter, there are a few things I would like to accomplish in my lifetime. There are some outlandish ones. (I'd like to meet Martha Stewart) And some ambitious ones. (I'd like to be the author of a craft book.) And there are some that are just fun. (I'd like to have a completely handmade wardrobe of smocked sundresses.) 

Then, sometimes, moments come along and you think to yourself, "all of these are absolutely possible."

One of those surprise moments came this week when I, just another crafter from a tiny town in Indiana, got accepted into a craft show in a big city. Yep! I'll be heading to Philadelphia for the amazing Art Star Craft Bazaar, May 14 &15!

I want to downgrade it and tell myself it is just a fluke. I'm just one tiny crafter in the big world of the handmade movement. But I can't help but be excited. Two years ago when it was just me and a stack of fabric in my living room, with no direction and no idea of what I really wanted to make, I never would have dreamed I'd be making plans to head to the city of brotherly love, with the love of my life, for a pretty important craft show. I'm really proud of myself. (even if that voice in the back of my head is telling me I shouldn't brag.)

I cannot wait to strut my stuff. I even have the fabric for a pretty smocked sundress to make.
And, fingers crossed, I can sneak a peak at that Jay McCarroll in all his wonderful glory. eek!


  1. YAY, congrats, Laura! That's fantastic. You should be proud of yourself! Don't downplay your accomplishments, girl, be proud and hold that head high. You will have to let us know everything and take LOTS of pictures!

  2. Whoa, Art Star! I've always wanted to do that one, but it is so very far away. That's awesome you are going!

  3. Thanks guys! This season has been pretty fun so far. I'm ready to kick some 2011 ass. haha.



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