Monday, April 21, 2014

Mr. Banana has surgery.


A few weeks ago, there was a small banana surgery inside The Wind and The Sail studio. Dr. Laura was on duty to repair a small fracture in the rattle bone. The whole procedure was set to take less than an hour with a small incision, a removal of the cracked rattle bone and a new one inserted into its place.

The incision was made with a small x-acto scalpel. The broken bit was carefully removed, then a new prosthetic was inserted. Mr. Banana was stitched up without incident or too much stuffing being lost. 

He is now back home with a happy baby Isabell who loves her banana to pieces! Literally.

A small note: Baby Izzy is my newest niece and had quite a night a few months ago. She had a small seizure at home and due to the type of seizure that occurred, she was sent to Riley Children's Hospital. It was a worrisome couple of days, but when I met my sister and her fiance at the hospital, I brought her a banana so that she could have something in the bed with her to play with. She has latched onto Mr. Banana. It's so touching to be able to make something with my own hands that can comfort someone I love to the ends of the earth. Being a plush maker is worth every effort, 80 hour work week and sleepless night ever. I love my job.

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