Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Courthouse Steps Apron

My living room is covered in fabric.

The newly found adult in me cringes, but that girl who likes to create and doesn't have time for anything else? She just giggles and makes a bigger mess. I think I like her the best. haha.

I've been working on an apron for almost two weeks now. I entered it into this little contest over at The task was to take an existing pattern from their collection and make into something of your own. Since my little obsession with paper piecing is still burning white hot, I integrated courthouse step blocks into the apron and accompanied it with black fabric. I like the result. Though more than anything, I like that I am finishing projects lately. I'm onto other things and other goals. (and patiently awaiting contest results.) But I thought I would share my Courthouse Steps Apron with you all.

She is rather pretty.

oh! also. my favorite part?
I turned one of the blocks into a pocket. You always need a perfect little pocket on an apron.

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