Friday, April 23, 2010

My Rooster.

My mom has always been such a force in my creative life. I think every creative girls says this. But really, it was my mom who painted. My mom who decorated our house growing up. My mom who kept saying, "why don't you just go to your room and paint?" (even though now, I think she was just trying to get me to stop talking.) Still into my twenty-seven years, she asks me what I've been working on. She calls when she's at the craft stores, just to make sure that I don't need anything. She'd give me anything to help me succeed. And not just in my creative endeavors, but in my crazy ideas I have for my life.

I've decided I need chickens. The bad part is, I live in a town that has an ordinance against keeping fowl within city limits. So, being the headstrong, determined girl that I am, I'm working on an appeal for my small town. A presentation on the positive side of turning over such an ordinance, what other cities have done, the processes of permits for chickens and so on. There's been a lot of research a lot of calling. Even a lady yelling at me about the ordinance that's already in place. But I'm determined. I think it could be a great change in my little town. And it will push me one step closer to self sufficiency. (and my ultimate dream of living on a farm. haha.)

My mom, in her infinite warmth, painted me this rooster the other day in her watercolor class. (Her paintings are beautiful. She never has the confidence to believe in herself. But she's absolutely amazing.) It's just another way she shows me her total support. I adore her. And my new rooster.

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