Saturday, April 24, 2010


I am completely obsessed with my garden. I have been working and pulling and hoeing and tilling until my arms hurt and I just want to fall asleep. I was sitting in the sun on my front porch, completely fascinated watching a pair of birds build a nest in my fern, when I started really looking at my seeds. They are such a beautiful array of colors. (I will admit I bought the big lima bean seeds there in the middle purely on the premises that it is beautiful and the pattern on it so perfect I couldn't stand the thought of not planting them.) It got me to thinking about the fact that what you put in is what you get out. That hard work will earn hard fought victories. That what you eat is what you become. That the beginning without a doubt will become an end. So, I took a picture of what's going into the ground before it gets covered in dirt and becomes beautiful green plants that I will eat the fruit off in mere months. My hard work and those cheering me on from the sidelines will indefinitely produce beautiful results. Also, it's just so much damn fun. You'll see more from my garden as soon as things start their sprouting. Until then, enjoy the beauty of the beginning. 

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