Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Catnip Happiness and New Additions.

I would like you to meet Hal. Actually his name is Halak. After the Montreal Canadiens goalie Jaroslav Halak, who played his heart out this year during the nhl playoffs. (even though they didn't make it to the big game. sigh) However, with this new addition Sir Hank, named after the loveliest hockey player of all time Henrik Zetterberg, is a little jealous. For three days he didn't even sleep at the foot of the bed! So, today to make him feel extra special, I made him some catnip fishes and hearts. Hank loves catnip. He has a red catnip mouse he carries around the house with him. Sometimes he even brings it to bed.

So, here are Hank's special catnip toys. Hopefully he'll remember that I love him. He is such a sweet boy. (and yeah, I talk about my cats as though they were kids! what of it?)

I started with some plain duck cloth and made a cute little template. Traced and cut out.
I used some basic acrylic paints to paint, dab, flick and dot in different patterns to make bright and cheery fabric.
I then stacked two on top of one another and stuffed them with polyfill and organic catnip.
And LOOK! cute catnip toys for my precious little boy.

I think he likes them!

God, why are cats so cute?

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  1. I talk about my Diesel like she's my kid too. I think it's a cat lover's thing.

    Love the catnip toy! I think I would use fabric scraps instead of polyfill to prevent chocking if the stuffing ever got out.

    Sophie, in Montreal (Go Halak Go!)



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