Sunday, May 18, 2014

DIY: Recycled Gift Bag Headband!

This Saturday I had the chance to attend a pretty eclectic and fun wedding. As I was getting ready, I realized I'd planned the perfect outfit but had neglected to plan any type of hairstyle to go with my fancy gold dancing shoes. I had a look around my craft room and for the life of me could not find a single piece of tulle (blasphemy!!) to make a quick fascinator. What I did find was a stack of pink pull string gift bags. I found some black feathers, grabbed a black head band and some washi tape and got to work!

First I clipped a few feathers from the bunch and wrapped their ends with the washi tape just to hold them together.

Then, I began to cut simple leaf shapes out of the gift bags. I cut off the pull string top, folded them in half and cut out 7 sets.

I pinched two leave shapes together and began attaching them to the feathers with the washi tape. Pinch and wrap until all of the leaves are snug and happy on the feathers.

I attached my little leaf and feather bunch onto a headband with the washi tape! Presto! A fancy new hair adornment with things I had laying around the craft room. My inner hoarder is laughing and shaking her head saying, "see, this is why we never throw anything away!"

This is my sister and I on our way to the wedding! Don't you LOVE her beehive? I saw the tutorial on Mollie Makes and begged her to let me try it! The first attempt left a lot to be desired, but the second was absolutely fantastic! You can check out the tutorial here. It's incredibly adorable.

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