Sunday, March 8, 2015

International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day! 

I really just love being a woman. And, hey. I'm so very thankful I live in a country where, while imperfect, I get to make my own decisions. I do not fear religious persecution. I don't have to marry the guy my dad picks, as lovely as my father's guy picking prowess is. I get to chart a course that is for me and me alone.

On that note, my addition to International Women's Day is to open myself up to the world and I have a confession.

I have been a terrible business woman. I don't say that lightly. I don't say it for the bucking up brigade to come and tell me that I am, indeed, awesome. I know I'm awesome. But I have been a TERRIBLE business woman. I could give you a million different reasons and so many excuses that I couldn't carry them all in a bucket as to why I've been awful. Let it just suffice to say that I dropped the ball. I sunk into myself and shut off the world. I let the negative weigh me down into terrible depths. And above all else, I miss myself. I miss the girl in the picture below here. I miss her spunk and her confidence and her tendency to want to be a very bright light. I miss her. I miss myself.

So, today. Today for all of those ladies around the world that do not have the ability, the strength or the even the basic rights to stand up for themselves, I'm here to say, being a woman is amazing. Being a woman means you get to bring life into the world in so many ways; with your light, your power and your children. Today I'm going to say, "enough excuses, Laura. It's time to let yourself speak and your work speak for itself." Today I'm starting my course over and I have my compass ready.

Today I'm a woman. Today I am powerful.

oh, and it's time to go back to blonde. I was a fox as a blonde.

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