Friday, September 25, 2009

cutting floor necklaces

After a couple of days break, due to the overwhelming cramming of crafting for the festival, I have re-emerged from underneath a pile of fabric and creative goo.

I'm back. The love says I am hitting on everything lately, and while I try not to brag on myself, I think he may be right.

I had a day off on wednesday and I didn't really feel like doing anything. The weather was rainy, my dishes were dirty, the pup needed a bath. But all I really wanted to do was watch an entirely too depressing movie and craft something.

So with windows open, kitten purring by my head, I grabbed my scrap fabric basket and went to work watching revolutionary road and making these snazzy new necklaces. Its a fashion trend, I am sure. I love them, anyway.
P.S. Don't watch Revolutionary Road if you are even slightly contemplating the direction of your life. It will make you want to die. Just sayin'.

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