Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Wrist Pincushion

I've been obsessing over wrist pincushions for some time now. It brings up visions of being a "real" sewist. My hair in a ponytail, threads stuck to my shirt, scissors in hand, and....


no pins in my mouth!
Hark! Such a dream.

I'll be rolling a pin head around in my mouth and realize how unsafe that is. And wonder why I can't just put them in the pincushion. And the answer I usually come up with is because every time I move to a new spot, the pincushion doesn't follow me. So, here is the answer. A pincushion that I wear.
C'mon! Isn't it almost as cute as a fashion accessory as it is a practical tool? I barely want to take it off when I leave the house.

I looked around for different ideas for this one. But I found an odd similarity in most of them. When using a wrist pincushion, what stops you from pushing the pins in too far and poking your wrist to bits? Most would say just pay attention. But, I mean, we've all been in craftzoneland. Who pays attention? So, I decided to cut a square of mat board and fuse it to the bottom square of fabric, and voila! A pin stopper for sure. No pricked wrists.

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