Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday Static (on Sunday)

Saturday Static is a day late this week due to my being at a festival this weekend (post to come soon!) It was a two day adventure, but today got rained out for the most part. ah, shucks.

But here is what I'm obsessed with at the moment:

1. I have a feeling that this store is going to get a lot of my paycheck. sigh. I love the way Ornamentea is just set up. And the fact that when I look at it, I'm just inspired to go do something. Anything really. My first purchase with be the Amazing Glaze. Yep, yep, yep.

2. I made this Tomato Tart when The Love and his mother came to lunch last month. And I think I may have made it forty times since then. Its the absolute perfect meal. Tasty, pretty, makes your house smell like you have a perfectly warm Italian grandmother. Oh, and its easy. The lady at Ezrapoundcake makes me laugh all the time too. Her sarcasm and love of food is just the tits.

3. I need a pair of red boots for the fall. I think I would wear them with everything I owned. No matter if they matched or not. I'm kind of excited about boot season. I really want these boots from the Toast catalog. I can't afford them. but I want them.

4. I'm a little in love with Laura Normandin. Her designs and creations at Wren Handmade make me want to go dress shopping with her, bake her cookies and live in the sunlight. She's just really fabulous. You should love her too.

5. I'm back on screen printing my own fabric. happiness. Its time for my mesh. WHO KNEW ORIENTAL TRADING CARRIED ART SUPPLIES??? gotta love crafty on the cheap.

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